prefabricated construction presents an opportunity to redefine how we create inhabitable space in a more efficient & sustainable way.

with construction being one of the few industries to become less efficient in the past 50yrs (source: McKinsey global institute), architects have an innate responsibility to not just create spatial quality and value for the end user, but to seek out and explore ways in which high quality, environmentally conscious design can become affordable and achievable for the majority - not just the affluent minority.

by building in controlled conditions IT'S POSSIBLE TO reduce inefficiencies between the design & construction fields, and provide superior work conditions for all - whilst actively reducing wastage, poor quality work by on-site trades and lengthy construction times. this this results in a higher quality experience for the end user, whilst addressing the real world concerns of environmental impact, feasibility, budget & schedule.

ongoing professional work in this field, using volumetric modular components in live projects as case studies, will be contributing to a PHD study commencing in 2019. collaborations & discussion welcomed.